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About Emily

Hey you!

My name is Emily O’Neil and I am the person behind all of this! I am a 19 year old chasing dreams and making things happen. I have fallen in love with love and all the stories that come with it. I am currently in college studying Entrepreneurship to help further my business even more. I have a passion of doing and teaching Crossfit, watching Youtube videos on food, and making a thousand Pinterest boards on my future home. I recently have branched into the wedding industry, but more specifically intimate weddings, elopements, and all the couples in general. Finding your person is such a precious key into becoming the person you want to be. I find that capturing those in between moments you have with your person is something not a lot of photographers capture, and I am that person to do that for you.

I am also in love, and going on 3 years and let me tell ya it’s a journey! As a couple you grow up and mold together, that isn’t easy and I want to help represent who you are as one in your photographs. Finding the right photographer to help represent your what you have with your person is hard to find. I am here to show you how I help cater all love stories.

If you’re interested in being my next love story go look at work with all the other lovers I have been able to photograph, and go from there!

Emily made our whole experience so easy and comforting. It didn’t feel weird, her posing us was very natural and true to our relationship. We have never had pictures together that were this professional and I can’t stop looking at them. We plan on using Emily as our photographer for everything else we need.
— Rose O'Neil

Where will your next adventure be?

It’s not about where you go it’s who you go with.

How would you describe your love story? What is something special y’all do together, maybe that’s watching the sunset on the beach, if so let’s do something unique to your love story.


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